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Technological Plumbing Solutions

We offer a Cloud-based water leaks monitoring system combined with a specialized fixed hardware Called Prev leak that analyzes, collects data and transmit notifications on a daily basis; this allows us to prevent

1.Waste water pollution in residential areas as social start-up with the aim of improving service delivery in poor marginalized communities.

2. Prevent geyser leaks from disrupting normal business day.

Our Vision

To collaborate with parties that shares the same vision in creating sustainable environmental impact

To focus all innovations to the benefit of users, communities and the environment

To introduce innovations with optimum convenience to enhance the Green Culture.


To introduce unique environmental conservation technologies and services that are Impactful for households and industries.


Company Background

Technological Plumbing Solutions is a black owned company registered in South Africa(2016/533182/07). We are based in 41 Juta Street Braamfontein at Tshimologong Precinct, Johannesburg. The company provides smart waste water and insurtech solutions to B2B B2C,Municpalities and end customers. We provide training and employment to female and the youth in our communities for artisans and skilled individuals who assist us to maintain good work ethic for our business.

Team & skills matrix

Technological Plumbing Solutions is 100% black owned by Thulani Khumalo and Terry Mathebula. Thulani, founder and director, was born and is based in Soweto who after finishing his Matric acquired a marketing Certificate in Marketing through the UBC. Thulani has had vast experience in the plumbing industry where he was contracted technically heading an installation team installing smart meters in Johannesburg. Terry, co-founder and director, was also born and is based in Soweto who acquired a BSc(Hon) Information and Computer Systems and has had vast experience in project management and customer services experience in corporate. Both individuals have been on the entrepreneurial journey for 3 years full time, this after developing and learning while previously committed on other ventures.

We provide training and employment to female and the youth in our communities for artisans and skilled individuals who assist us to maintain good work ethic for our business. The individuals that are involved in the development and growth of the business are as follows:

Name & Surname Qualification Working Experience Position in the Company
Sibusiso Nhlapho Diploma IT 5 years Programmer
Nkanyiso Ngiba Plumbing Cert 8 years Head Plumber


Collect data

Geyser data sets are collected using our plumber App that is built for plumbers by plumbers. The App interface requires qualified plumbers to register using their PIRB certificate numbers that will be sourced from the Plumbing industry board data base.

Once registered;

  1. Plumbers can view and bid for wear and tear jobs posted by our cloud system based on their location.
  2. Submit Job cards upon servicing clients.
  3. Submit service recommendation based on their expertise.
  4. Take pictures of the problem and after it has been fixed and upload them.
  5. Buy electronic COC’s (certificates of compliance through the app).

Plumber App usage.

For plumbers to respond and service clients once wear and tear maintenance is scheduled by our cloud system

  1. They will need to use the switch on GPS on their cellphone and open the plumber service App for the cloud system to confirm location.
  2. On Arrival, Asses the problems and if identified, the App will require the plumber to take a picture and upload it.
  3. Carry on fixing the problem or do wear and tear that is scheduled.
  4. The App will then pop up a recommendation page for the plumber to input his expert opinion.
  5. The App will then require the plumber to take a picture of what was fixed and upload it.
  • Geyser data collector and supplier to insurance companies related to their insured client.
  • We monitor Waste water data patterns and behavior to identify courses.
  • We then submit to key stakeholders on key issues affecting our wastewater system.

What we provide and the problem we are addressing

Technological plumbing solutions is a start-up company that offers 2 innovative products called Prev Leak and Sewblock smart leak detection devices that act as a security feature guarding against geyser leaks and sewage spills in residential areas.

Prev leak are devices installed on a geyser to quickly report leaks to home and business owners as soon as they start to happen.

The Unique value proposition offered is our cloud programme as a Service (PAAS) which remotely uses geyser data input collected upon installations together with weather data sets that allows our cloud system to remotely calculate amount of corrosion build-up on a geyser over a 6 months period to then notify affected client of the need to pick a date so that the cloud system can remotely schedule wear and tear maintenance that will be done by a professional plumber as a preventive solution against possible leaks or burst due to corrosion.

The cloud system t is built to use data for decision making processes as a machine learning system.

Sewblock is a device installed 2 meters down a sewer manhole to quickly detect and report waste water levels rising (blockages) to local plumbers as means preventing sewage overflow that brings pollution and health risks. This product then adopts a cloud system as a service (PAAS) that remotely generates data of these overflows for municipalities to then pick up hot-spots of most affected areas.

We have created these smart devices to coordinate, predict and to provide a quick response service to our targeted clientele being B2B, B2C, municipalities and health care facilities with the aim of preventing damages to property, reduce immense loss of water, as well as waste water pollution in the country.

In most cases geyser faults are caused by corrosion build-up in the absence of wear and tear maintenance.

Clients shift this responsibility to their insurer who, due to damages on the property pay out higher claims than they should.

Sewage blockages are caused by hard objects thrown into the infrastructure as a result of human behavior and lack of maintenance

Social Development

Technological plumbing solutions fully subscribe to the development of previously disadvantaged individuals, in terms of race, gender and disabilities.

This policy is to, directly and indirectly, develop skills by;

  • Empowering previously disadvantaged individuals.
  • Associating and supporting suppliers and companies which apply black empowerment policies
  • Supporting, guiding and developing our employees to fulfil their dreams and ambitions.

Company Profile

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