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The amount of municipal water being lost across South Africa is a significant worry in the current drought promoting climate, with its widespread water restrictions.
According to a 2017 Green Cape Market Intelligence Report, 37% of South Africa’s water supply is lost through leaks.
The quality of a stream or river is often a good indication of the way of life within a community through which it flows. It is an indicator of the socio-economic conditions and environmental awareness and attitude of its users.
Everything that happens in a catchment area is reflected in the quality of the water that flows through it, because the results of human activity and lifestyle ultimately end up in rivers, through runoff.
Poor sanitation impacts on health, quality of life, and development potential of poor communities. For example, diarrhea is the leading killer of South African children under five, and poor sanitation is a major cause of diarrhea. Poor health keeps families in a cycle of poverty and lost income. The national cost of lost productivity is estimated at R3.5-billion per year. Affordability levels are often low and local authorities face enormous challenges in redressing this infrastructure problem.
The maintenance and repair of the country’s failing water infrastructure, and long response time to water leaks and Sewage blockages have been problems dogging South African municipalities for years, and costing the country millions.

The Rand Water is the only responsible maintenance operator to unblock sewer spills within municipalities but it relies on the (middle man) the community members to call whenever any sewer street drain blocks and overspills, which already is late making this a wasteful process that sees our wetlands and communities become more polluted by sewage blockages.

Meanwhile The South African plumbing industry is plagued with poor quality installations and noncompliance to industry standards is resulting in failure of products, failing infrastructure, growing non-compliant industry, and poor health and safety for all with all these factors stemming from a glaring skills shortage gap as identified by The Institute of Plumbing South Africa (IOPSA) according to a report published on www.plumbingafrica.co.za in September 2015
associated with sewage spills and pollution.

Our innovation will impact poor communities that only depend on social grants and government service delivery. These are a population of unemployed youth, children, disabled and elderly people who are affected everyday by sewage spillages in their communities and how this is crippling their quality of life, health and development potential of poor communities exposing them to deadly water bone diseases such as diarrhea.

By offering our innovation to municipalities as one of our targeted market.
The devices will be installed at every sewage drain to speed up the reporting process by 100%.
As these devices also has GPRS to pinpoint affected drains that will give plumbers 40 minutes’ time lapse to arrive to unblock preventing sewage spills from being exposed to surfaces.
Thus improving working condition and environment of sanitation plumbers who come into contact with sewage exposed to the surface.

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